Emile Oscar Guillaume

Deliverance, bronze sculpture of a nude with sword

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Signature/ Marks:
H. 154 cm x L. 44 cm. x W. 30 cm.

H. 60.1 inch x L. 17.3 inch. x W. 11.8 inch. 

Very good.
This bronze is illustrated in 
“Les bronzes de XIXe siècle” Pierre Kjellberg, 
Les editions des amateurs.

Antique bronze sculpture of a nude with sword.
Beautifully modelled and finely cast, signed by the artist Emile Oscar Guillaume 1867- 1942 and the founder Bardedienne, Paris.
The naked female figure stands tiptoe on a bronze hemisphere. She lifts her face to the sky and holds both arms aloft with a sword in her right hand, its hilt inscribed with the word: DELIVERANCE.

Large versions of this sculpture stand in London - Borough of Barnet- and in the French city of Nantes.
Another but smaller copy of the statue exists in the small French town of Cheroy & Yonne and some others may be still existing in some of the French cities chosen in 1919.
H. without sword H. 116 cm or 45.7 inch.