Jacques Loysel

Art Nouveau bronze sculpture of Tamara Karsavina, Russian ballerina

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Signature/ Marks:
H. 25.5 cm x L. 28 cm. x W. 20 cm. 

H. 10 inch x L. 11 inch x W. 7.9 inch.
Very good.
“Dictionnaire des peintres, sculpteurs, dessinateurs et graveurs” by E. Benezit. Gründ. 
“Les bronzes de XIXe siècle” by Pierre Kjellberg, Les editions des amateurs.
H. Balagny, 'Le Sculpteur des Danseuses', in La Revue Moderne.

Elegant Art Nouveau bronze sculpture of a nude by the French artist Jacques Loysel depicting the the Russian ballerina Tamara Karsavina balancing on one leg, both arms outstretched. The bronze has a lovely rich brown patina. France 1910. 

Jacques Loysel (1867-1925) was a French sculptor. His father, Leo Felix Loysel, son of a rich merchant in textiles, was a painter and was a pupil of Troyon and Théodore Rousseau. After high school, Jacques Loysel entered the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, where he studied sculptors Henri Chapu and Antoine Mercie. He exposes his work at the Salon of French Artists from 1892 to 1920. He first worked in a workshop in Faubourg Saint Honoré Street, and then buys a mansion, rue de Prony. He successively obtains a third class medal at the 1894 Salon, a travel scholarship in 1897 and a bronze medal at the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1900.
His most important work includes
“One week” a series of 7 female nudes in bronze created in 1894.
“Studies of movements in classical dance” a serie of 9 female nude dancers, 1911.
His work is almost entirely devoted to the portrayal of women, particularly dancers. The most noteworthy aspect of his work is his treatment of the figures of dancers. In 1912, the Modern Review devotes a large section to Jacques Loysel entitled "The sculptor of the dancers."
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