Jose Maria Acuna Lopez

Pilgrim, bronze sculpture man with long coat and hat

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Signature/ Marks:
H. 29 cm. x L. 20 cm. x W. 9.8 cm. 

H. 11.4 inch x L. 7.9 inch x W. 3.9 inch
Very good.
Exhibitions (1925) "Art Gallego", Palacio del Retiro, Madrid. (1926) Regional art exhibition Gallego, Santiago de Compostela. (1927) Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid. (1973) i Bienal de Pontevedra. (1974) II Bienal de Pontevedra. (1975) III Bienal de Pontevedra. (1977) Gallery Kreisler, Madrid. Gallery Gaudí, Barcelona. (1985) "Spanish sculpture 1900-1936", Palacio de Velázquez, Madrid.

Beautiful Mid Century bronze sculpture of a walking pilgrim wearing a long coat and a hat. 
Sigened by the Spanish sculptor Jose Maria Acuna. The bronze has a lovely patina and stands on a marble base. Ca. 1970. 

About the artist:
Jose Maria Acuña was born in 1903 and died in 1991. Jose came from a large family of eight brothers, four of whom were Deaf. He attended the regional school for the Deaf and Blind in Santiago, where his interest in art was first discovered. Disciple of the great sculptor Asorey, he received a scholarship to study art at the Superior School of Beautiful Arts of San Fernando in Madrid in 1923. He participated in many national exhibitions and in 1930 he was appointed professor of drawing, modeling and stature in the Regional College of Deaf and Dumb, Santiago. He reappeared in the art world in 1972 when his art was featured at the Regional Biennial of Art of Pontevedra. Acuña was recognized and received several medals including the Tribute of the Ministry of Culture and the Barrie foundation of MAZA in 1978.

He is famous for his
Pilgrim sculptures on Monte del Gozo, near to Santiago de Compostela.
The Pilgrim Statue in front of the parador de San Marcos Leon Castille in Spain.
Sculpture of a pilgrim on the “Alto de San Roque”
He passed away in 1991 leaving behind a vast collection of beautiful sculptures and drawings. 
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