Grosse Art Deco Vase Keramik fliegende Pelikane

Impressive Art Deco ceramic vase with décor of stylized pelicans amidst the clouds by Charles Catteau for Boch Freres. Lovely colors blue, yellow and white. Belgium 1924/1925.   
Künstler / Schöpfer Charles Catteau for Boch Freres
Signatur / Marken Boch frères seal.
 D 982
Stil Art Deco
Datum 1924/1925
Werkstoff Ceramic, glazed. Blue, yellow and white. 

Herkunft France
Größe (cm) H. 34.5 cm. x. L. 28 cm x W. 28 cm.
Größe (Zoll) H. 13.6 inch x L. 11 inch x W. 11 inch.
Zustand Very good.
Literatur This vase is illustrated in two books: "
L'homme de Keramis Charles Catteau" by Dominique Corrieras and in 
 “L’ Art Deco” by Judith Miller. 
 The decor is illustrated in: 
“Art Deco Ceramics, made in Belgium, Charles Catteau” by Marc Pairon. 
General information:
 Catteau donation Claire de Pauw - Marcel Stal 

Versand Europa 78
Versand weltweit 125

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Grosse Art Deco Vase Keramik fliegende Pelikane