Grosse Kugel Vase mit Katze, Mond und Sterne

“Yonji aux etoiles” Large blue boule vase with silver cat on a white pillow, decorated with golden stars and a white moon. This French Boule vase was designed by Danillo Curetti who worked at Longwy from 1983 until 1993. He designed impressive, colorful boule or colonial vases in the style of the Art Deco period.   
Künstler / Schöpfer Danillo Curetti for Longwy
Signatur / Marken Danillo Curetti
 Longwy stamp Numbered: 5
Stil Art Deco style, designed in the 80’s.
Datum 1983
Werkstoff Ceramic, silver and gold enamel.
Herkunft France
Größe (cm) H. 39 cm. x W. 35 cm x L. 35 cm. 

Größe (Zoll) H. 15.4 inch X W. 13.8 inch x L 13.8 inch.
Zustand Very good condition, no cracks or restorations.
Literatur General information: “Art Deco Keramik” by Norbert and Georgette Poulain. Exhibition 1981. The world of Art Deco” by Bevis Hillier. Dutton, New York. 

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Versand Europa 96
Versand weltweit 145

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Grosse Kugel Vase mit Katze, Mond und Sterne