Geachte Marjolein van der Slikke,
Vandaag de boekensteunen in goede orde ontvangen. Ze zijn prachtig! Dank voor de wederom snelle verzending en de perfecte wijze van verpakken. Het genoegen was geheel wederzijds.
Met vriendelijke groet,

Dear Marjolein,
The art deco sculpture arrived today.  I love it!  The delivery was amazingly fast, and I am very impressed by the excellent packing job.  Your packing was a work of art in itself! Really, I appreciate every aspect of working with you and Deconamic - your detailed communication, the documentation, etc. It was a pleasure to deal with you.   Maybe one day I can visit your gallery in person.  If your travels should ever bring you to teh US, it would be a pleasure to welcome you here. 
Again, much thanks and I will keep an eye on your website for future purchases...
With best regards,

Goedemiddag mevrouw Van der Slikke,
Zojuist de beide lampen uitgepakt en ze in perfecte staat bewonderd.
Heel veel dank.
Het was prettig zaken doen met u en ik zal Deconamic warm aanbevelen bij vrienden en bekenden.
De nieuwsbrief zal ik met belangstelling volgen en wellicht hebben wij in de toekomst weer contact bij een volgende aankoop.

Met vriendelijke groet,
P. S. 

Geachte mevrouw van der Slikke,
Het pakket met het beeld is ontvangen.
Het is een prachtige sculptuur.
Dank u wel voor de soepele transactie.
Vriendelijke groet,
F. P

Geachte mevrouw Marjolein van der Slikke, 
Zeker ook tot míjn groot genoegen zijn de 3 beelden in uitstekende staat bij mij gearriveerd, vooral dankzij uw zeer zorgvuldige en adequate verpakking en uw voorafgaande informatie en "instructie". 
Het voorzichtig uitpakken verliep mede daardoor uitstekend en vol verwachting en bewondering heb ik ze te voorschijn kunnen halen. Ik ben er heel erg opgetogen en blij mee. 
Heel attent ook dat u documentatie heeft toegevoegd die verhelderend voor mij is en derhalve daardoor ook een toegevoegde waarde heeft. 
Al met al een aankoop die mij een groot vertrouwen heeft geschonken in u en uw werkwijze. 
Zeer bedankt daarvoor en ik wens u alle goeds voor de toekomst! 
Met vriendelijke groet, 
Dhr H. NL



The Panthers arrived today,Exceptional packing,the time you must have spent is appreciated.I was especially worried about the tails, but NO cracks All is intact and Beautiful.
I have decided I have exceptional taste. They are stunning...Patina is what I hoped for.
Thank you for your attention to detail,excellent communication skills,Quality objects, I am glad I found you,The whole process including the Certificate and list {presented professionally} has been very Impressive.I will look up your site first,and tell anyone I can about you,I am pretty chatty don't you know.
Thank you and Good Fortune:

Ik heb twee aankopen gedaan bij DECONAMIC en de ervaring kon niet beter zijn geweest. Zeer snel, serieus, professionaliteit. Ik raad het zonder twijfel aan.

Geachte mevrouw Van der Slikke,
Dankzij uw inkoopbeleid en ons geluk u te hebben leren kennen, kon deze foto tot stand komen. We zijn zeer content.
Gegroet en hopelijk tot ziens,


Goedemiddag Marjolein,
het beeld is in goede staat gearriveerd.
Het beeld is van een zeer goede kwaliteit goede patina en gietersstempel.
Ik zal zeker een keer is bij je langskomen en uiteraard de collectie in de gaten houden.
Met vriendelijke groet, H.


Geachte mevrouw Van der Slikke, beste Marjolein,
Het bronzen beeld heeft de terugreis overleefd. Ik ben er heel blij mee.
Met vriendelijke groet,


Hallo Marjolein,
De messenleggers heb ik vanmorgen in goede orde ontvangen.

Ik vind ze heel erg mooi.
Hartelijk dank voor de goede zorgen.
Hopelijk tot een volgende keer.
Met vriendelijke groeten,


Geachte Mevrouw VAN DER SLIKKE
De 2 serres-livres zijn toegekomen in perfecte staat.
De perfecte basis in “Vert de mer” en tevens het mooie groene patin zijn hun prijs meer dan waard.
Met dank,


Geachte Mevrouw,
Vanmorgen uw zending ontvangen.
ZEER tevreden!
Vriendelijke groeten,
De heer C.


Hello Marjolein,
I received the bronze this morning. It is absolutely beautiful, more than I anticipated. Thank you very much for giving me a chance to appreciate such a great work of art. It certainly lights my day. T.T.

Dear Marjolein, the statue arrived hear yesterday! It is so beautiful, even more beautiful than I expected. We both like ist very much and it will have a special place in our home. The packaging was also amazing and bomb-safe, once again. Thank you so much! I hope (and I am sure I will, as you have so many beautiful and rare items) to do business with you again soon!

Kind regards

K. Germany

sehr geehrte dame, sehr geehrter herrr
ich möchte mich hiermit tausendmal bedanken, dass sie mir ihre bronze zu diesem fairen preis verkauft haben, und erst noch so unglaublich perfekt sensationell verpackt und gut geschützt nach portugal versenden konnten. ich habe es dann ende juli als ein geschenk zum sechzigsten für meinen freund ausgepackt und er und ich waren sowas von begeistert! es hat meine erwartungen um ein vielfaches übertroffen. und die urkunde zu dieser bronze war das tüpfelchen auf dem i! vielen, vielen dank!


Dear Madame van der Slikke,
The lamps arrived safely and in beautiful condition.
Thank you for selling them to me :-)
Everything perfect !! It was the fastest parcel I have ever received !!
All the best,

Greetings Marjolein,

The elephants have arrived.  I’m to the moon with excitement!  I love love love love love them!!!!!!!Thank you for such a wonderful and professional transaction!! 
All the best,

Marjolein, The bronze arrived this Friday. I was impressed with the very professional packing even before I started to remove the many many layers! This bronze is a very handsome work of art. Thank you once again for your professional approach and service. Regards, A.M.

Dear Marjolein
I received the piece this morning in excellent condition. Thank you so very much for your careful wrapping and shipping of the vase. It is such a special piece. Thank you for your kind consideration; I will be watching for other special pieces from Deconamic! Best regards, P

The bronze arrived yesterday, exceptionally well packaged! It is extraordinary. I love the piece and it has exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you for a truly flawless transaction.Best,

10 stars for sure Super Seller Extremely Satisfied....LOVE LOVE LOVE
from the USA

Hello Marjolein,
The package arrived today, right on time.
I want to compliment you (and your staff), by far the most fantastic, perfect, professional packing and buying experience I’ve had (maybe ever). I’ve been collecting close to 30 years and have purchased all over Europe, South America (with professional shippers etc).
This package was a pleasure to receive and unpack. I could tell a lot of time and effort went into the work and I really appreciate it. I compliment you on the very good work and wish we can do more business in the future.



Liebe Frau van der Slikke
Eben ist die Skulptur bei mir angekommen. Die Vorfreude hat sich noch gesteigert, da ich etwas Zeit brauchte um ihn aus der Verpackung zu befreien. Es ist wunderbar wie sorgfältig Sie das machen und auch die Dokumentation – einfach perfekt!
Auf jeden Fall steht er jetzt bei mir, und ich freue mich sehr darüber. Es ist wunderschön und passt perfekt in mein Interieur.
Herzlichen Dank für all Ihre Bemühungen.
Ich grüsse Sie herzlich.

The best antiques dealer. Fast shipment. Good communication. Highly recommend.

Hello Marjolein,

The lights arrived on Friday. Thank you for packing them so well. I actually only opened one of them, but I assume the other one is fine, they had so much bubble wrap on them. I love them, they are beautiful! They will look great in my new master bathroom.

Thanks so much!
J. F.

Marjolein, I love the bronze. It is as gorgeous as I had envisioned. I am absolutely thrilled!  I can't thank you enough for your great communications and for inserting this wonderful piece into my collection. Thanks again. J.T.

I accepted the bronze today in perfect condition.
It is very wonderful too as you say.
Thank you very much for your kindness.
From now too, I am very looking forward to transacting with you.
Best regards, S.

A round of applause for this seller! thanks for a fast & friendly transaction!
Received and I LOVE BOTH PIECES.
Thank You!
You PaperWork is as good as ANY I have ever seen. Smart in design, manufactured  w/ great quality Paper & Printing etc.
Thank you very much.
Please keep me in mind if you see any nice bronzes.
All Best in 2015 - your company really exudes style.

Marjolein, The bronze arrived safe and sound yesterday.  She's beautiful. Thank you so very much.  If you ever come across another one, please let me know. I have a small collection and always looking to add to it.
Thank you again, L.B.

Hallo Frau van der Slikke,
Vielen Dank für die Übersendung der Kopien aus diversen Büchern, die mir sehr hilfreich sind sowie für die insgesamt ausgezeichnete Kommunikation.
Mit besten Grüßen, P.R.

Hi Marjolein,
My wife and I love the sculpture and hope to find more bronzes we can afford in the future.  Thanks. J.
Hello, Marjolein --

The piece arrived this morning, and it is not only in excellent condition, it is also BEAUTIFUL!
This is a gift for my mother this Mother's Day, and, as an avid birdwatcher, she is going to absolutely love it.
Thank you again for expediting the packing and shipping of this work. I appreciate all your efforts very much.
Best regards,

Most highly recommended. Item was expertly packaged and shipped!

Thanks for the great bronze. R.

Hello Marjolein,
Fedex was faster than a greyhound! The exquisite desk set arrived today. You packed it with such care-----I am so very pleased with this set!
Be well & Thanks so much, P.

Hello  Deconamic,
Hi, The figure arrived today. She is great I am really pleased with her.S.

Hallo Frau Marjolein van der Slikke,
Das super gepackte Packet ist wohlbehalten gestern angekommen.
Sie haben nicht zu viel versprochen, der Kühler ist super, auch die Qualität der Innenseite ist toll– ich bin begeistert und danke auch für die »Expertise«,
das haben Sie alles ganz toll gemacht, ich danke Ihnen.
Es ist doch ein sehr viel besseres Gefühl in einem professionellem Geschäft einzukaufen als über »you never know«
Mit besten Grüßen aus Deutschland.

Dear Marjolein,
Thank you for following up.
I received the lamp today.  It was amazingly packed!
It is of course beautiful, and it looks beautiful in my home.  I had no problem putting it back together with your good instructions.
Thank you again for the prompt, and careful shipping.
Have a wonderful holiday season!
Best, M.

Hello Marjolein,
The vases are wonderful. I am very very pleased.
Thank you for your time and your patience...Best regards,R.

Dear Marjolein
I wanted to say how pleased I am with my purchase from you.
I will continue to look at your website which is very fine! 
When I am next in Antwerp I will visit your shop.
Once again thank you for the very professional way every thing was handled including the packing which was excellent. 
kind regards,

Hello Marjolein,
My wife and I are very pleased with the bronze. I now have my own little mobile sculpture. We're going to be in Europe in May, but we won't have the time to visit your gallery.  We'll have to save that for another trip.
Sincerely, J.S.

Dear Mrs Van Der Slikke
The package arrived today.
All is ok, the bronze is very nice.
Best regards. M.

Deconamic...Reliable, responsible and highly recommended

Dear Marjolein:
I received the bronze today from Fed Ex.  It arrived in perfect condition.
Thanks so much for packing it so well and sending it out so quickly.  It is beautiful, & looks exactly how you described it.  I love it!!! J.A.

Hello Marjolein. Talk about quick! The bronze has arrived safely. It is a monumental piece..good job. I am very pleased. Thank you. Sincerely...R.

The bronze sculpture just arrived in perfect condition, I am extremely pleased with this purchase. He is just great, I'm very happy.  You did a great job in packaging and he arrived without any damage,  It is unbelievable that you can ship early in the week and I can have him by the end of the week given the distance, mechanics, and custom clearances and all that are involved.  The Fedex people were very nice to deal with on this end.  I will stop by and meet you hopefully one day when I visit my friends in Belgium. keep me in mind. Well, thanks again and I hope that you have a nice weekend.  Very best regards. J.

Hello Deconamic, The candlesticks arrived yesterday (that was very quick!), but it wasn't until today that I had an opportunity to open the package. They are exactly as I envisioned them. I like them a lot. Many thanks and best regards, M.

Hello Marjolein,
Just a quick note..the bronze is quite lovely, even nicer in person. I am very happy it looks great in my cabinet...its the perfect size as well..she is in good company with my other pieces...Have a great Holiday season. D. USA

Hi Marjolein
yes, she has arrived well - I picked up this afternoon. Super quality and also very nice presentation.
Many thanks and pls give me a note, if you get new ones
Best regards, 
R. Switzerland

Hello Marjolein,
The item has arrived safe and sound, due to your impeccable packing. You are a true professional and I am looking foreword to doing future business with you. I can’t thank you enough,
Very Best Regards, T.

Hello Marjolein

Thank you for the very fine bust, which I really appreciate. Thank you also the certificate with the nice picture. Best regards T.

Dear Marjolein,
Today I accepted painting in perfect condition.
This painting is so wonderful and charming that I am very happy. The frame is also very nice.
Thank you very much! Sincerely, O.

hi, i just wanted to tell you i got the vase and i love it...i am sure we can do additional business in the near future....thanks, B

Hello Marjolein
Thank you VERY much.
I am speechless. He is FANTASTIC!!!
Thank you so much. He is a stunning sculpture and will take pride of place in my collection. I could not be more pleased.SUPERB PACKING. If only all items one receives through the post could be so well packed. Thank you for taking so much care.
It has been a real pleasure exchanging e-mails with you and I'm delighted to have found you and I hope we will be able to do business together again in the future.
Wishing you all the very best - kind regards, A.

Hi Marjolein,
Thank you very much for a great shopping experience.
The lamps have arrived safely.
Your packaging and accompanying notes were first class!
I look forward to purchasing from you again.
Kind Regards,
L. L. Australia.




Dear Marjolein,
Yes, she has arrived!
She is extremely beautiful and in extremely good condition, as you stated.
We are both extremely pleased and I am sure she will give us great pleasure for many years to come.
Many thanks for your help, I hope your business continues to make many clients happy!
With my very best regards,
T. H

Hi Marjolein,
Thank you very much for a great shopping experience.
The lamps have arrived safely.
Your packaging and accompanying notes were first class!
I look forward to purchasing from you again.
Kind Regards, 
L. L. 

Dear Marjolein,
Today I accepted four items in perfect condition.
My husband is pleased with the bronzes.
Thank you very much!
Sincerely yours.

Hello Deconamic,
Absolutely beautiful!!!!
If I won the lottery I would love to buy the other art deco panther you have for sale - but heres hoping.
Anyway, many thank yous and hope purchase from you again.
Kind regards, S.W

Dear Ms. van der Slikke,
The bronze bust arrived safely today and in perfect condition.  Thank you so much
for your careful and thoughtful packing of the bust.  Your helpful instructions on un-
packing made opening the box quite effortless.
Thank you again.

Hello Marjolein,
The little bronze girl arrived and she is beautiful!  I am sure my lady friend will love her.  Thank you for packing and wrapping her so well, she traveled across the globe with no problem.
My best to you until our next transaction.
With appreciation,
C. P.

Dear Marjolein
The centrepiece arrived safe and sound on Tuesday. 
It is beautiful and I thank you very much.
It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Dear Marjolein,
I just received the package.
The sauce boat is just beautiful and the spoon swan head so delicate. I am very happy I bought it.
Best Regards,
C. B.

Dear Marjolein,
I received the Art Nouveau mirror today and I am thrilled! Upon opening the very well wrapped package, I discovered a most incredible item which has exceeded my expectations in every way.
Thank you so very much for providing such a wonderful experience, you have made me very happy indeed,
Warm regards,

Bonjour, bien reçu ce jour le bronze, je suis ravie il est sublime! félicitation pour votre sérieux, pour l'emballage de grande qualité et rapidité d'envoi. N'hésité pas à me contacter au cas ou vous auriez un jour d'autres pièces. En vous remerciant d'avance. A bientôt peut être et vous souhaite de bonnes prochaines ventes. Cordialement

Bonsoir Marjolein, le bronze est arrivé ce matin.
C'est tout a point: état de l'objet, emballage, temps de livraison. Merci de tout!
Mes meilleurs salutations.     
I. A.

Very good seller. Quick and thrust worthy

Hello Marjolein,

I received the lamps and the sculpture last Monday, the delivery was super-fast! Thank you!
The items are AMAZING and the whole experience with your shop has been first class. The cure and attention with which you packed the items, the instructions and information you gave me, the prompt communication between us...everything shows without a doubt that you are a great professional. It's always a joy meeting people like you, beauty can be expressed also in a flawless transaction! :)))
I hope I'll buy again from you (I put my eye on the very expensive Japanese art deco lion).
With my kindest regards,
A. C.