Art Deco bronze sculpture nude with bow Penthesilia

Marcel André Bouraine

€ 9500

Art Deco bronze sculpture female Indian dancer with headdress

André Marcel Bouraine

€ 6800

Art Deco bronze sculpture of a pheasant

Irenée Rochard

€ 950

Art Deco bronze sculpture birds in a nest

André Vincent Becquerel

€ 2200

Art Deco parrot bookends

Georges Van de Voorde,

€ 850

Pair Art Deco craquelé ceramic vases with blue deer

Charles Catteau for Keramis

€ 1650

Art Deco silvered bronze letter opener with stamp collector

Robert Cochet

€ 450

Art Deco bronze sculpture male nude archer Hercules

Victor Demanet

€ 3600

Art Deco bronze bookends peacock

J.P. Morante

€ 1150

Art Deco bronze sculpture nude tambourine dancer

Pierre Laurel, Pseudonym of Pierre Le Faguays

€ 2950

Pair Art Deco blue ceramic vases or urns

Paul Milet for Sèvres

€ 2750

Art Deco silver plated centerpiece or fruit dish

Gallia, Christofle. 
Designed by Sue et Mare for Gallia.

€ 950

Art Deco Cascade Waterfall table lamp.


€ 3200

Art Deco silvered bronze elephant bookends


€ 1650

Art Deco bronze sculpture of a woman's face

Francisque Lapandery

€ 1250

Amazone, Art Deco bronze sculpture female nude warrior

Marcel Andre Bouraine

€ 4950

Art Deco pair of ceramic vases urns with blue glaze 

Paul Milet for Sèvres

€ 2800

Art Deco bronze sculpture gladiator with spear and shield

Desire Grisard

€ 4800

Art Deco bronze deer bookends.


€ 1450

Art Deco bronze sculpture of a nude with jar

Raymonde Guerbe, att. to

€ 1850

A pair of Art Deco ceramic vases with birds.

Charles Catteau for Keramis

Art Deco centerpiece with bronze sculpture of dancing girls

Andre Gilbert

€ 12000

Art Deco Modernist pair of silvered candlesticks.


€ 1450

Art Deco bronze sculpture of a walking panther.

Maurice Prost.

€ 4200

A fine pair of Art Deco wrought iron candelabra

Michel Zadounaïsky

€ 2400

Art Deco bronze sculpture female nude.

Joe Descomps Cormier

€ 8500

Art Deco bronze ballerina dancer

H. Fournier

Art Deco leaping deer silvered bronze bookends

M. Bouraine

€ 3400

Art Deco bronze bookends lady and satyr

Pierre Le Faguays.

€ 3800