Art Nouveau copper, brass and glass cabochons table lamp


€ 2800

Antique Vienna bronze sculpture of a cat


€ 1850

Art Nouveau bronze sculpture of a knight in armor H. 27 Inch.

Lucas Madrassi

€ 4800

Art Nouveau bronze vase lady at a fountain 72 cm.

Lucas Madrassi

€ 5400

Antique bronze sculpture two monkeys

Thomas François Cartier

€ 1250

Antique bronze sculpture of a male nude archer.

Rudolf Kaesbach

€ 3400

A pair of figural candlesticks jockey and gentleman

Emile Guillemin

€ 1250

Antique bronze sculpture male nude with stone

Hugo Siegwart

€ 12000

Antique bronze toothpick holder with cat & mice.

L. T. Hingre

Art Nouveau pastel landscap at sunset

Gaston Noury

€ 1500

Antique bronze sculpture two sleeping bulldogs

Thomas Cartier

€ 2200