Icarus Art Deco sculpture of a winged athlete

In the style of Schmidt Hofer

€ 2400

Art Deco panther sculpture


€ 2800

Art Deco sculpture man with lion Gladiator Belluaire

Max Le Verrier

€ 6950

Art Deco sculpture of a man on the lookout

Jean de Roncourt

€ 950

Art Deco wall light or sconce with pelicans

Max Le Verrier

€ 3200

Pair of Art Deco sconces with pelicans

Max Le Verrier

€ 3800

Art Deco pendant light with pelicans

Max Le Verrier

€ 2800

Art Deco style lamp standing nude Lumina

Max Le Verrier

€ 3950

Art Nouveau vase with butterfly lady and flowers


Art Deco style lamp nude with globe Clarte

Max Le Verrier

€ 1850

Enigme Art Deco style table lamp nude holding a globe

Max Le Verrier

€ 2950

Art Deco bookends kneeling nude with basket.

Max Le Verrier


Art Deco panther sculpture

Demetre H. Chiparus

€ 3500

Art Deco lamp sculpture lady at the fountain

Fayral, Pierre Le Faguays for Max Le Verrier

Art Deco nude hoop dancer

Briand, Marcel Bouraine

A pair of figural candlesticks jockey and gentleman

Emile Guillemin

€ 1250