Art Deco bronze penguin bookends

Gaston H Bourcart

€ 950

Art Deco Ibex or ram bookends

Max Le Verrier

€ 1150

Art Deco bronze Lamassu bookends

C. Charles

€ 1450

Art Deco bronze cat bookends

Louis Riche

€ 3400

Art Deco silvered bronze greyhound bookends

Georges Gori

€ 1850

Art Deco bronze sphynx bookends

C. Charles

€ 1650

Art Deco squirrel bookends

Max Le Verrier

€ 1450

Art Deco bronze bookends elephant with bird

R. Patrouilleau

€ 2600

Art Deco bronze bookends boy and girl satyr

Paul Silvestre

€ 2500

Art Deco bronze bookends two men pushing

Victor Demanet

€ 1250

Art Deco bookends man with music book and woman with lyre

Georges Van de Voorde

€ 1850

Art Deco bronze squirrel bookends

Rene Papa

€ 1550

Art Deco silvered bronze bookends Billy goats


€ 1250

Art Deco silvered bronze duck bookends

Georges H Laurent

€ 1350

Art Deco bookends kneeling nude with basket.

Max Le Verrier


Art Deco bookends bear with guitar

Benjamin Rabier

€ 1250

Pair of Art Deco bookends standing nudes with drape

Fayral, Pseudonym of Pierre Le Faguays.

Art Deco bronze bookends with jumping goats.

Joe Descomps 

Art Deco elephant silvered bronze bookends

Jean de la Fontinelle

€ 2200