Art Deco painting of fish on the bottom of the sea

A.R. Reyna

€ 2500

Painting of a nude with blue skirt holding a blue letter

Dominique Péry

€ 3600

Art Deco painting street scene in Honfleur, France

Georges Joubin

€ 1550

Painting of a nude with gold skirt holding a pink letter

Dominique Péry

€ 3400

French Art Deco painting of a woman painter in an interior

Charles Alexandre Picard Le Doux

€ 2800

French painting of artists in a painting class or workshop

Pierre Gourdault

€ 2400

French painting of a woman with hat in the garden.

Paul Collomb

€ 1400

Painting, two male portraits.

Alain Mettais Cartier

€ 920

Painting, colorful landscape with reclining woman under a tree.

Alain Mettais Cartier

€ 1250

Art Deco watercolor painting elegant ladies in a bar.

Raf de Buck

€ 1250

Painting vintage car racing scene

C. Rosby

€ 1250

Art Deco painting woman at the piano

Leo Bervoets

€ 2800

A Pair of Art Nouveau watercolor paintings with nudes

A. Crommen

€ 2400 for the pair.

Art Nouveau painting with nude and iris

L. Horter

€ 1750