Art Deco bronze sphynx bookends

C. Charles

€ 1650

Art Deco bookends reading Medieval ladies

Max Le Verrier

€ 1200

Art Deco squirrel bookends

Max Le Verrier

€ 1450

Art Deco bronze lion bookends

Georges Raoul Garreau

€ 2400

Art Deco bronze bookends elephant with bird

R. Patrouilleau

€ 2600

Art Deco bronze bookends boy and girl satyr

Paul Silvestre

€ 2500

Art Deco bronze bookends two men pushing

Victor Demanet

€ 1250

Art Deco bookends man with music book and woman with lyre

Georges Van de Voorde

€ 1850

Art Deco bronze squirrel bookends

Rene Papa

€ 1550

Art Deco silvered bronze bookends Billy goats


€ 1250

Art Deco silvered bronze duck bookends

Georges H Laurent

€ 1350

Art Deco bookends kneeling nude with basket.

Max Le Verrier


Art Deco bookends bear with guitar

Benjamin Rabier

€ 1250

Art Deco elephant silvered bronze bookends

Jean de la Fontinelle

€ 2200