Pair of Art Deco etchings nudes in the waves

Louis Icart

€ 2200

Painting cubist composition Modigliani face and instruments


€ 3200

Painting, portrait of a Balinese beauty

Dr. R. M Moerdowo

€ 1350

Painting cubist composition with violins


€ 3200

Art Deco style painting landscape with sailing boats

Patrick Leroy

€ 2200

Art Deco style painting of a ladies in a forest

Patrick Leroy

€ 2800

Cubist oil painting still life with guitar

Serge Magnin

€ 1950

Mid Century abstract painting with plexiglass

André Pailler

€ 1450

Mid Century composition in carved wood and protractor triangles

Andre Pailler

€ 950

Mid Century abstract collage painting

André Pailler

€ 1150

Mid Century painting woman bather nude

R. Spoogh

€ 2500

Art Deco painting sleeping woman with 3 apples

Jean Joseph Hoslet

€ 4800

Mid Century Cubist oil painting portrait

Louis Giraud

€ 1250

Mid Century enamelled iron painting flowers in a vase

Roger Bezombes

€ 750

Mid Century water color painting circus scene with horses

Louis Giraud

€ 1550

Art Deco painting Italian village with palm tree

Cesare Bonanomi

€ 2400

Gouache painting of two young ballerinas

Guy Seradour

€ 1650

Mid Century painting of the ballerina étoile Claude Bessy. 

€ 3800

Painting woman on horseback with basket of fish.

Vincenzo Calli

€ 2800

Megapolis, collage, artwork, mixed media.

Chantal Bégué

€ 1100

Migration, Collage, Mixed Media Artwork

Chantal Bégué

€ 1100

Painting of a nude with blue skirt holding a blue letter

Dominique Péry

€ 3600

Watercolor of Venice, women at San Marco


€ 850

French painting of a woman with hat in the garden.

Paul Collomb

Art Nouveau pastel landscap at sunset

Gaston Noury

€ 1500

Painting vintage car racing scene

C. Rosby

€ 1250

A Pair of Art Nouveau watercolor paintings with nudes

A. Crommen

€ 2400 for the pair.