Art Deco Vase Keramik Reh in Landschaft

Very rare and impressive vase with dee or doe in a landscape.  Signed by Thérèse Hummel for Boch Frères. This model was designed for Atelier La Maîtrise under the direction of Maurice Dufrène in 1923.  The vase has a craquelé glaze in beautiful colors, blue, yellow, orange and turquoise on a white background.   
Künstler / Schöpfer Thérèse Hummel Boch Frères
Signatur / Marken Hummel, Boch freres seal, 
 model number 843
Stil Art Deco
Datum 1923
Werkstoff Ceramic.
Herkunft Belgium.
Größe (cm) H. 34 cm. x. L. 27 cm x W. 27 cm.
Größe (Zoll) H. 13.4 inch x L. 10.6 inch x W. 10.6 inch.
Zustand Very good.
Literatur This decor is illustrated in 
Art Deco ceramics Charles Catteau by Marc Pairon. 

 General information:
 L'homme de Keramis Charles Catteau by Dominique Corrieras Published in 1991, 
Catteau, Donation Claire de Pauw - Marcel Stal 

Versand Europa 70
Versand weltweit 117

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Art Deco Vase Keramik Reh in Landschaft