Art Deco bronzen sculptuur dansend naakt met waaier

Elegant Art Deco bronze sculpture of a dancing nude standing on one foot holding a fan incised with a design of birds.  The bronze is signed by Marcel André Bouraine.  The sculpture has a lovely patina and stands on a fine Portor marble base. This is the large version of this model called Fandancer. 
Kunstenaar / maker Marcel Andre Bouraine
Handtekening / Merktekens Bouraine
Stijl Art Deco
Datum 1925
Materiaal Bronze, patinated. Cold painted fan. Portor marble base.
Herkomst France
Afmetingen (cm) H. 61 cm. x. L. 26 cm. x W. 14 cm

Afmetingen (inches) H. 24 inch. x L. 10.2 inch. x W. 5.5 inch.
Conditie Bronze sculpture in very good condition.Restoration to the top of the marble base.
Literatuur This model is illustrated in 
“Art Deco and other figures” by Brian Catley page 55 and in 
“Art deco sculpture” by Victor Arwas , Academy page 232. and in “Statuettes of the Art Deco period” Alberto Shayo. Page 58.
 General information: “Art Deco sculpture by Alastair Duncan. “Bronzes, sculptors and founders” by H. Berman, Abage. 
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“The Encyclopedia of Decorative Arts 1890-1940” By Philippe Garner.

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Verzending Europa 85
Wereldwijd verzenden 125

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Art Deco bronzen sculptuur dansend naakt met waaier