Megapolis, collage op papier

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Megapolis, collage artwork mixed media on paper by Chantal Bégué, France 1985. 
Kunstenaar / maker Chantal Bégué
Handtekening / Merktekens Chantal Bégué
Stijl Modern
Datum 1985
Materiaal Collage on paper, wooden frame.
Herkomst France
Afmetingen (cm) H. 58 cm x L. 65.5 cm x W. 2 cm.
Afmetingen (inches) H. 22.8 inch x L. 25.8 inch x W. 0.8 inch
Conditie Very good.
Literatuur Chantal Bégué, born1949 in Cameroon. She lived with her parents in Africa until the age of 16. She studied in Applied Arts in Bordeaux for 3 years. Specialised in the creation of prints and fabric (1968) When she marries Alain Bégué, she immersed in the Bordeaux artistic community. She takes in interest in the work of Alfred Reth and for 10 years she worked with marquetry makes paintings with sand. From the eighties she takes an interest in collages. Her abstract works, colourful and rhythmic, have been inspired by the years she has spent in Africa.
Verzending Europa 75
Wereldwijd verzenden 111

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