Modern abstract bronzen beeld

About the artist: Born in Almansa in Spain in 1926 What stands out about the work of established Spanish sculptor, printmaker and painter Jose Luis Sanchez is its almost poetic sense balance and rhythm, achieved using monochromatic materials and through exploring the concepts of space and volume. Influenced by the constructivist tendencies of the 1970s, Sanchez's work is at once geometric and distinctly organic and fluid. As well as producing small sculptures and graphic prints, Sanchez has collaborated on a number of buildings and large-scale sculptures for public spaces. Prizes and awards: 1954: Exposition Nacional de Bellas Artes 1954: First prize, 1st Industrial Design Competition, Madrid. 1960: Gold medal, Exposicion Manchega de Artes Plasticas de Valdepeñas. 1962: Gold Medal, 3rd Salzburg Biennial of Religious Art. 1968: 1st Tomas Francisco prize, National Stamp and Money Factory, Madrid. 1981: 1st prize, International Small Sculpture Exhibition, Budapest. The following museums and private collections hold examples of Sanchez's work : Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid. Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid. Vatican Museum, Modern Art Collection, Rome. Juan March Foundation, Madrid.
Kunstenaar / maker José Luis Sanchez

Handtekening / Merktekens José Luis Sanchez. Numbered XIII/XV.
Stijl Mid Century Modern
Datum 1982
Materiaal Patinated and polished bronze. Stainless steel base.
Herkomst Spain
Afmetingen (cm) H. 26 cm. x L.18.5 cm. x W. 26 cm. 

Afmetingen (inches) H. 10.2 inch x L.7.3 inch x W.10.2 inch
Conditie Very good condition.
Literatuur This bronze has been created to commemorate the discovery of America. 
 Provenance: The sculpture comes from a collection of multiples that the company Mundiarte made during the 80’s in commemoration of the 5th centenary of the discovery of America. Mundiarte selected Spanish and American artists (sculptors and painters) with recognized international reputation, who were asked for their personal vision of the Discovery. The artists had total freedom to give, within their peculiar style, the interpretation that they consider most in line with the theme. The edition size was limited to 92 works to underline the last two figures of the centenary year.  
Verzending Europa 56
Wereldwijd verzenden 85

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Modern abstract bronzen beeld