Art Deco sculpture bronze deux oiseaux sur une branche

Bronze Art Deco sculpture of two lovebirds sitting on a branch by the French sculptor Andre Vincent Becquerel. The bronze has a silver and brown patina and is mounted on a Belgian Black marble base. France ca. 1930. 
Artiste / Créateur Andre Vincent Becquerel
Signature / Marques A V Becquerel.
Stamped Bronze.
Style Art Deco
Date 1925
Matériau Bronze with silver and brown patina. Belgian black marble base.
Origine France
Taille (cm) H. 30 cm  x W. 16 cm.  x L. 32 cm.

Taille (pouces) H. 11.8 inch x W. 6.3 inch. x L. 12.6 inch.
Condition Very good.
Literature This model is illustrated in the book
“Animals in bronze” by Christopher Payne. Antique collectors club. 
General information about the artist:
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Expédition en Europe 65
Expédition dans le monde entier 95

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Art Deco sculpture bronze deux oiseaux sur une branche