Bougeoirs Art Nouveau Américain en argent avec des fleurs

Bougeoirs Art Nouveau Américain en argent avec des fleurs par Theodore B. Starr.
Marqué Sterling, avec le numéro 355, 9 in.
États-Unis env. 1900.


Artiste / Créateur Theodore B. Starr. 

Signature / Marques Theodore B. Starr. 
355, 9 in. 

Style Art Nouveau
Date 1900
Matériau Sterling Silver
Origine USA
Taille (cm) H. 26 cm. x L. 11 cm. x. W. 11 cm. 

Taille (pouces) H. 10.2 inch x L. 4.5 inch x W. 4.5 cm.
Condition Very good.

Theodore B. Starr was a company of silversmiths founded in New York in 1862 by Theodore Starr. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, who owns and displays pieces by T.B. Starr, champions the silversmith as “among the most prominent and influential jewelry and silversmithing firms in New York City during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries” whose work was “enthusiastically heralded in the press.”
The company was incorporated in 1907 by Starr's son, before being bought in 1918 by Reed and Barton, and finally closing in 1923.

Expédition en Europe 50
Expédition dans le monde entier 80
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