Scene Oriëntale famille à la source.

Oriental scenery of a family at a fountain. Colourfull painting by Peter Todd Mitchell (1924-1988) who worked in Spain and North Africa. The use of bright colors and strong lines give this painting an almost abstract feeling.  Size of the frame:  H. 56 cm  x L. 55.5 cm. x D. 3.5 cm. H. 22 inch x L. 21.9 inch. x D. 1.4 inch.  Size of the painting: H. 38.5 cm. x L. 38 cm. H. 15.2 inch x L. 15 inch.   
Artiste / Créateur Peter Todd Mitchell
Signature / Marques Peter Todd Mitchell.
Date 1950
Matériau Oil paint on canvas. 
Original frame.
Origine USA
Taille (cm) H. 56 cm x L. 55.5 cm. x D. 3.5 

Taille (pouces) H. 22 inch x L. 21.9 inch. x D. 1.4 inch.
Condition Very good.
Literature Peter Todd Mitchell was born in the New York in 1924. He is know for his abstract and representational urban view painting. 
He was a talented painter and writer in Europe and the United States. He exhibited in famous galleries as the Hannover Gallery in London and the Carstairs in New York. 
The fact that he travels a lot with his mother, gave him a taste for the exotic. He lived and worked in Spain, where he died in Sitges in 1988.
Literature: L’oeuvre de P T Mitchell (Jardin Arts, 1969).

Expédition en Europe 55
Expédition dans le monde entier 80

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Scene Oriëntale famille à la source.