Doos massief zilver met spin in web 1970

Beautiful Mid Century Sterling silver and balck tinted wooden box with a spider in his web. Signed by the Italian silversmith Ottaviani, ca. 1960. 
Kunstenaar / maker Ottaviani
Handtekening / Merktekens Ottaviani, 925 mark. 
Marked R and 16g. 

Stijl Mid Century Modern
Datum 1960
Materiaal Sterling Silver, black wood.
Herkomst Italy
Afmetingen (cm) L. 17.5 x H. 6 cm. x W. 12.5 cm. 

Afmetingen (inches) L. 6.9 x H. 2.4 inch x W. 4.9 inch
Conditie Very good.
Literatuur Ottaviani (1945) is a jewelry and silver firm located in the small seaside town of Recanati, Italy. They had a particularly inventive period from the mid 1950s until about 1970 when they produced wonderful designs in hammered silver with enamel.
Verzending Europa 25
Wereldwijd verzenden 68

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Doos massief zilver met spin in web 1970