Art Deco gouache femme Africaine coiffure Mangbetu

Art Deco gouache painting African woman with Mangbetu hairstyle.  The work is signed by Claire Riley and dated 1937. Woorden frame with inlay. 
Artiste / Créateur Claire Riney
Signature / Marques Femme Makère
 KasaÏ Orientale 
Initials R.C. Dated 1937. Old tags on the back of the frame.
Style Art Deco
Date 1937
Matériau Gouache on paper. 
Wooden frame with inlay.
Origine France
Taille (cm) H. 27 cm. x L. 21 cm. x. W. 1.5 cm. 

Taille (pouces) H.10.7 inch x L. 8.3 inch x W. 0.6 inch.
Condition Very good. Small damages to the frame. 

Literature The profile of a Mangbetu woman became popular after it has been chosen as icon of the “Croisière Noire” Citroen car race in 1924-25. 

Expédition en Europe 35
Expédition dans le monde entier 65

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Art Deco gouache femme Africaine coiffure Mangbetu