Abstract bronze sculpture L’ocell.

Abstract bronze sculpture, 1998 on wooden base. 
Titel: “L’Ocell” Catalan for the “The bird” 
Signed by Antonio Miro Bravo. 

Born in Alcoi in 1944, he lives and works in Mas Sopalmo in the town. In 1960 receives the First Prize of Painting of the City council of Alcoi. In January 1965 he held his first solo exhibition and founded the Alcoiart Group (1965-1972). This group was made up of artists: Alexandre, painter and set designer of the La Zarzuela Theater Group; Antoni Miró; Sento Massía, painter and professor of Drawing; and the architect Vidal Vidal. The group stood out for the interest in the experimentation of the plastic language and the social function of art. In 1972 Antoni Miró, along with Eugenio Comencini and Joaquín Pacheco (then exiled in Italy), is part of the Denunzia Group in Brescia.

In his professional career, the artistic activity is totally linked to human activity and the cultural context in which he lives. His creative process stands out for a high degree of "awareness of painting", where different experiences, techniques, strategies and resources are combined to achieve his particular plastic language.

Artist / Maker Antoni Miro Bravo
Signature/ Marks L'ocell, autori Miro, 1998
Style Modern
Date 1998
Material Bronze, wooden base.
Origin Spain
Size (cm) H. 21.5 cm. x L. 14 cm. x W. 8.5 cm. 

Size (inches) H. 8.4 inch x L. 5.5 inch x W. 3.4 inch
Condition Very good.
Shipping Europe 35
Shipping Worldwide 45

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Abstract bronze sculpture L’ocell.