DECONAMIC, specialist in Art Deco and Art Nouveau.

Authentic bronzes, Sculptures & Decorative Arts.

With 30 years of experience in the antiques business we offer you an exclusive collection of authentic bronzes, sculptures, figurines, bookends, lamps, paintings, silverware and other objects.
A Certificate of Authenticity with full documentation is provided with every purchase.

We specialize in original Art Nouveau and Art Deco sculpture and decorative arts.
In our gallery you will also find antiques, collectors items and modern design.
Please take a look at our collection. We have about 200 objects available on our website with pictures, full description and price. All items can be ordered online and shipping costs are provided for each item. 

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Art Deco sculpture Icarus winged male nude

Max Le Verrier

Pair Art Deco blue ceramic vases or urns

Paul Milet for Sèvres

€ 2750

Art Deco bronze sculpture nude tambourine dancer

Pierre Laurel, Pseudonym of Pierre Le Faguays

€ 2950

Pair Art Deco wrought iron pelican bookends

Edgar Brandt

€ 7950

Art Deco bronze sculpture car mascot Princes Neginga, African beauty

Alexandre Auguste Caron

Art Deco bronze sculpture male nude archer Hercules

Victor Demanet

€ 3600

Pair Art Deco craquelé ceramic vases with blue deer

Charles Catteau for Keramis

€ 1650

Art Deco sculpture nude with gazelle Seduction.

Fayral, Pseudonym of Pierre Le Faguays.

€ 2850

Art Deco sculpture car mascot monkey with lantern

Max Le Verrier

€ 1150

Art Deco bronze bookends peacock

J.P. Morante

€ 1150

Pair of Art Deco bookends standing nudes with drape

Fayral, Pseudonym of Pierre Le Faguays.

€ 1450

Art Deco sculpture of two panthers

M. Font

€ 2200

2 Modern bronze sculptures dancing couple

Isabelle Calvetti

€ 1250

Art Deco silvered bronze letter opener with stamp collector

Robert Cochet

€ 450

Art Deco bronze sculpture of two birds on a branch

Andre Vincent Becquerel

€ 1650