DECONAMIC, specialist in Art Deco and Art Nouveau.

Authentic bronzes, Sculptures & Decorative Arts.

With 30 years of experience in the antiques business we offer you an exclusive collection of authentic bronzes, sculptures, figurines, bookends, lamps, paintings, silverware and other objects.
A Certificate of Authenticity with full documentation is provided with every purchase.

We specialize in original Art Nouveau and Art Deco sculpture and decorative arts.
In our gallery you will also find antiques, collectors items and modern design.
Please take a look at our collection. We have about 200 objects available on our website with pictures, full description and price. All items can be ordered online and shipping costs are provided for each item. 

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Art Deco table lamp sculpture monkey with umbrella

Max Le Verrier

€ 5800

Art Deco painting 1920s masquerade ball scene

Joseph Marius Jean Avy. 

€ 2600

Art Deco bronze sculpture gladiator with spear and shield

Desire Grisard

€ 4800

Art Deco bronze sculpture of a Borzoi dog

Louis Riche

Art Nouveau gilt bronze lamp with nude.


Art Deco bookends with baby satyrs

Charles Charles

€ 1250

Cards, cubist collage with playing cards and staff paper

Antonio Huberti

€ 1650

Art Deco lamp Fox terrier dog holding a globe

Irenee Rochard

€ 1450

Art Deco bronze sculpture of a fish


€ 950

Art Nouveau gilt bronze semi nude oriental dancer.

Franz Peleschka

Art Deco squirrel bookends

Max Le Verrier

€ 1150

Art Deco bronze sculpture of a nude with jar

Raymonde Guerbe, att. to

€ 1850

Art Deco bronze deer bookends.


€ 1450

Music, cubist collage with guitar and staff paper

Antonio Huberti

€ 1650

Bronze abstract sculpture on plexiglass base 1970

Jose Luis Sanchez

€ 1350

Art Deco bookeds with bulldogs

Max Le Verrier

€ 1250

Antique bronze sculpture of Hercules and Antaeus wrestling

After Stefano Maderno

Bronze inkwell tray with bird and egg shell

Vienna bronze

€ 950

Art Deco cat bookends

M. Font

Large Art Deco Macassar wood and chrome picture photo frame

France 1920

€ 750

Bronze sculpture of a young goat

Joao Da Silva

€ 850