Art Deco ceramic vase with flowers

Lovely Art Deco craquelé ceramic vase with flowers by Keramis, signed and numbered, Belgium 1932. Beautiful colors turquoise, blue, white and yellow   
Artist / Maker Keramis, Belgium.
Signature/ Marks Keramis stamp. 
Numbered D1558 for the decor.

Style Art Deco
Date 1932.
Material Turquoise, blue, white and yellow craquelé ceramic.
Origin Belgium
Size (cm) H. 29.5 cm. x W. 17 cm x L. 17 cm. 

Size (inches) H. 11.6 inch X W. 6.9 inch x L 6.9 inch.
Condition Very good.
Literature This decor is illustrated in the book: “Art Deco ceramics Charles Catteau” by Marc Pairon. 
General information:
“L’homme de Keramis” Charles Catteau by Dominique Corrieras “Catteau”, donation Claire de Pauw, Marcel Stal. 
“Art Deco Keramik” by Norbert and Georgette Poulain. Exhibition 1981
Shipping Europe 55
Shipping Worldwide 95

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Art Deco ceramic vase with flowers