Art Deco blue ceramic and chrome fruit dish


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Art Deco blue ceramic and chrome fruit dish by Paul Milet for Sèvres. Paul Millet (1870-1950) was the son of Optat Milet. The dish has the dotted circle logo for Sèvres. France 1930.  
Artist/ Maker Paul Milet for Sèvres
Signature/ Marks PM and Sèvres dotted circle logo.
Style Art Deco
Date 1930
Material Ceramic with blue glaze and chromed metal.
Origin France
Size (cm) H. 10 cm x L. 29.5 cm. x W. 29.5 cm.
Size (inches) H. 3.9 inch x L. 11.6 inch. x W. 11.6 inch.
Condition Very good.
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Art Deco fruitdish Paul Milet for Sevres