Art Deco silvered sculpture of a walking panther

Stylish Art Deco silvered panther sculpture by Aleandre Ouline, worked in France between 1918-1940. The sculpture is mounted on a beautiful marble base.  6.8 KG    
Artist / Maker Alexandre Ouline
Signature/ Marks Alexandre Ouline.
Style Art Deco
Date 1930
Material Silvered Art metal. 
Marble base.
Origin France
Size (cm) L. 50 cm. x H. 19 cm x W. 12.5 cm.

Size (inches) L. 19.7 inch X H. 7.5 inch x W. 4.9 inch.
Condition Very good condition.
Literature “Animals in bronze” by Christopher Payne. Antique collectors club. 
“Dictionnaire des peintres, sculpteurs, dessinateurs et graveurs” by E. Benezit. Gründ. 
“Dictionnaire illustré des sculpteurs animaliers & fondeurs de l’antiquité à nos jours “ by Jean Charles Hachet. Argus Valentines.   

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Shipping Worldwide 110

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Art Deco silvered sculpture of a walking panther