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Antique bronze sculpture of 3 running athletes TO THE GOAL

Alfred Boucher


French painting of artists in a painting class or workshop

Pierre Gourdault

€ 2400

Antique bronze sculpture male nude fencer

Ludwig Eisenberger

€ 2800

Antique bronze sculpture of a male nude archer.

Rudolf Kaesbach

€ 2950

Bronze sculpture Roman warrior with spear and helmet

H. J. Rieder

€ 3400

Antique sculpture of a male nude athlete H. 86 cm, 34 inch

Georg Kemper

€ 11000

Pastel landscape at sunset, framed

Gaston Noury

€ 1500

Soldier of Marathon, antique bronze sculpture man with laurel branch

Jean Pierre Cortot

€ 8500

Antique bronze sculpture male nude with stone

Hugo Siegwart

€ 12000

Watercolor of Venice, women at San Marco


€ 850

Antique bronze sculpture of a male nude athlete with stone.

Paul Leibk├╝chler

€ 7500

Antique bronze sculpture two sleeping bulldogs

Thomas Cartier

€ 2200

Antique bronze sculpture strong man, male nude with stone

Stanislaw Czarnowski

€ 3200

Painting vintage car racing scene

C. Rosby

€ 1250

Antique bronze sculptures, statues, figures. 

Bronze sculptures like male nudes, warriors & athletes by Moye, Schmidt Kestner & Mobius, animal bronzes by artists like Bonheur, Fremiet, Cartier, Masson, bronzes by Villanis, Barrias, Injalbert, antique paintings and coldpainted Vienna bronzes.