Art Deco bronze hoop dancer with feathered headdress

Fine Art Deco bronze sculpture of a hoop dancer with feathered head dress by the French artist J. P. Morante. The figurine has a lovely patina and is mounted on a marble base. France 1925.   
Artist / Maker J. P. Morante
Signature/ Marks Morante
Style Art Deco
Date 1925
Material Bronze, patinated. Marble base.
Origin France
Size (cm) H. 37.5 cm x L. 15.5 cm. x W. 10 cm.

Size (inches) H. 14.8 inch x L. 6.1 inch. x W. 3.9 inch.
Condition Very good.
Literature This bronze is illustrated on page 224 of 
“Art Deco and other figures” by Brian Catley. 
 General information:
 “Art Deco sculpture” by Victor Arwas, Academy. 
 “Bronzes, sculptors and founders” by H. Berman, Abage. 
 “Dictionnaire illustré des sculpteurs animaliers & fondeurs de l’antiquité à nos jours “ by Jean Charles Hachet. Argus Valentines. 

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Art Deco bronze hoop dancer with feathered headdress